This is a pain that is too close to my heart. The realization of the loss for his family and friends is incredibly real for me. As we approach the 1 year anniversary of the death of my two youngest children (June 24, 2012) the death of Marcus Gonzales hits way too close to home and I send out my thoughts, prayers and love to all that knew this young man.

FB-Marcus Gonzales

This young mans death has been ruled an accident, a horrific accident. While doing what he enjoyed, as assumed by his many friend comments, Marcus drowned while fishing Tuesday morning. The 15 year old was fishing in the pond at Westfield Park when witnesses say he toppled over into the water.

The Coloradoan is reporting that there is a vigil planned for Thursday night at the pond beginning at 9pm. According to the article, the family is asking you to bring candles and red and black balloons if you attend tomorrow night.

In an email this morning from the Poudre School District, students plan on hosting a vigil tonight at 8:30pm. The student driven vigil will be held at Spring Canyon Park just west of the playground.

Marcus was a freshman at Rocky this past year and played football (if not other sports as well), another LOBO FOREVER!!!! I have no words of wisdom to those closest to this newest angel, just know that you are not alone. There will be days that will crumble you and days where you will feel guilty for laughing... there will be days that cause you to doubt everything that you ever thought was true... everything that you feel is normal. Also remember that everyone grieves differently, don't let your pain dictate how someone else deals with their own struggles, some won't show anything and that will make you angry, just try to remember that they hurt too and however you grieve is okay. Blessing's and love to each and every one of you from this broken heart to yours.