Man, the drama around Tim Tebow just won't ever go away, will it. First he was going to play on the punt team, then he was going to be a tight end or wide receiver, now we are hearing reports that Tim Tebow may be playing running back for the New York Jets this weekend.

The Jets are bit short-handed a running back  because they have lost Joe McKnight (sprained left ankle) and Bilal Powell (separated right shoulder) to injury. That leaves only starter Shonn Greene and rookie Jonathan Grimes, who has yet to play, as the team's running backs. Lex Hilliard is the remaining fullback after the Jets waived John Conner on Wednesday.

I have always thought that Tebow would make a great running back, because that is what he has become for the most part anyways... A running back who takes a direct snap and calls himself a quarterback because he throws the ball once every twenty snaps. This could pay off to be brilliant, and could make Jets coach Rex Ryan a genius! Just remember when Tim Tebow becomes a full time running back, you heard it here first! :)