I don't have the opportunity to see all of the movies that I would like to at the theater. I have to admit, most of the movies I see are on HBO or Netflix. However, my wife and I recently saw a film, that we both agree, is the best movie of the year ... so far. That movie is "The Martian", starring Matt Damon.

It is one of the few movies that I have seen recently that lives up to the billing.  "The Martian" is the Golden Globe winner for Best Picture and Best Actor, and deservedly so. It is also nominated for 7 Academy Awards, including best Picture. Besides being worthy of awards, the movie is very entertaining.

Matt Damon gives an amazing performance. For much of the film, he is the only person on screen. After all, he is left behind on Mars. It's a good old-fashioned thriller, even though it is set way in the future. It has everything you want in a movie:  Action, adventure, humor, heart, a great story, like-able characters, cool special effects, and the movie is very believable despite the out-of-this-World subject matter. Definitely worth the price of admission!