This is installment #4 of my crafty wife Jenny's blog, "My Crafty Life". She knows all the best places to get all the stuff anyone needs for knitting and croqueting. This week she has created a top 5 list.

I had the pleasure of visiting all the lovely yarn shops in town and here are my top 5. Although each one of them are my favorite. Each shop offers something unique from the other.

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    JO-ANN Fabrics and Crafts

    2701 South College Avenue

    Now that Jo-ann has expanded into their new location in Fort Collins they have so much more to offer. The needle arts section is at least three times the size it was and they have a much larger selection of yarn. I love Jo-Ann for my affordable staple yarns, like lovely acrylics for beautiful washable baby afghans.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    Your Daily Fiber

    330 S College Ave # 220

    This shop located in the little brick building just South of the downtown Perkin's has a family atmosphere. I guess that's because the family runs it! And on top of that they have a ranch complete with 12 Llamas, 3 Alpacas, and 3 Yaks that are sheared every other year. They all have names and their pictures adorn the walls of the shop. I love that they grow 'em, shear 'em, card the wool, wash the wool, dye the wool, and spin the wool all themselves! They sell lots of other yarn as well.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    1101 East Lincoln Avenue

    This shop has been around a long time! The yarn selection is fabulous, they have books galore, and a lovely area to just sit down and get your projected started right there, why wait! It is so much fun to explore all the nooks and crannies, see all the sample knit and crochet pieces. The staff are so helpful and friendly. While you're there go ahead and have lunch at the Back Porch Cafe.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    The Loopy Ewe

    2720 Council Tree Avenue #255

    Okay, you can call me slow...We walked into The Loopy Ewe (Todd found it on the internet) and I asked why haven't I seen any advertising for your store? The answer..."We're an internet company". "Oh, okay...but why I haven't I seen any advertising for you store?" The answer didn't change, but now I get it. Then I looked to the left of the entrance and saw the VAST rows upon rows of yarn. I was speechless, and if you don't know me that is a really big deal. After I got done saying "oh my goodness" fifty times, I told Todd I wanted to run, jump, and roll in all of that yarn. Their store is the warehouse so they fill orders right there. The Fort Collins location has only been open to the public since January 19, 2012.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    My Sister Knits

    1408 West Mountain Avenue

    Located in the Carriage House behind their residence in Old Town Ft. Collins this is one of the most charming shops I've encountered. A lovely selection of yarn and books. There is an attic too! Two areas for knitters to sit down and get started on their project, get help, or just see what others are making. The back yard is beautiful, complete with the cutest most sweetest Brussels Griffon. Oh...I almost forgot the chickens too!

    Photos by Todd Harding