We know, deep down inside that what we put in our bodies can make a huge difference on our mood and health, but life get's too busy to pay attention some times. Hopefully this list will help you make quick decision that can make all the difference.



  1. GOOD= APPLES, BAD= DIET SODA  Apples, well are loaded with antioxidants... you know the saying, "An Apple a Day". And Diet Soda is what some may say is the worst ever, over everything causing binge eating, anxiety attacks and sugar cravings, with severe ramifications including birth defects.
  2. GOOD= ALMONDS, BAD= SODA  Almonds are rich in all that is good including Vitamin E, Calcium and Iron. Soda has about ten tsp of sugar per can-Nuff said!
  3. GOOD= BROCCOLI, BAD= DOUGHNUTS Broccoli is a nutritional dynamo offering a shield, potentially, against some cancers, diabetes and heart disease.
  4. GOOD= BLUEBERRIES, BAD= HOT DOGS Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and fiber. Hot dogs are not.
  5. GOOD= OILY FISH, BAD= BACON Oily fish are great for the heart and the nervous system. Bacon may taste awesome, but can increase your chance of heart disease by 42%
  6. GOOD= LEAFY GREEN VEGGIES, BAD= POTATO CHIPS Leafy greens can lower your chances of diabetes type 2. Potato chips can increase your chances of never wanting to leave the couch
  7. GOOD= SWEET POTATOES, BAD= FRENCH FRIES Sweet Potatoes are a complex carbohydrate that will kick in energy a lot longer than a large golden arches french fry
  8. GOOD= WHEATGERM, BAD= PIZZA Wheatgerm may taste horrible, but fewer things pack as much of a vitamin punch and pizza, well come on, it's carbohydrates, sugar and fat served hot and dangerous
  9. GOOD= AVOCADOS, BAD= CORN AND TORTILLA CHIPS Avocados the only fat your doctor and dietician will encourage you to eat, a good fat so load up the salad. Tortilla chips genetically modified bag of trouble.
  10. GOOD= OATMEAL, BAD= ICE CREAM Oatmeal is a heart healthy mega food, recent studies say eating it everyday can lower your cholesterol and eating ice cream everyday can increase the size of your pants (I made that last part up, but pretty sure that is accurate)

The good and the bad and if you're like me and love almost all of the worst foods, the ugly! Go forward and eat well, be happy and fit. Seriously, you'll be amazed how happy you'll be and good you'll feel if you increase the good list in your daily diet and decrease the bad food items.