You either had a hell fire weekend with errands, chores and completed a large list of honey-do-do's or you sat your fanny on the couch and dreamed up thing's you could be doing while vegging to something on the tv.



  • Ask yourself what's wrong, chances are if you're job is causing your blues, it's time to start rethinking where you spend a majority of your day
  • Instead of staring at the clock on Friday afternoon waiting for patio time, clean up a few of the dreadful tasks in your in box so that you won't have to deal with them on Monday, which could increase your Monday Blues
  • Don't wait till Wednesday to get excited about your week, begin a list of things that will make you happy during the week or things to look forward to as you make your way through Monday and the rest of the week
  • Completely unplug for the weekend, reset and refresh yourself, do something fun or take a little me time
  • Keep your sleep schedule, staying up way too late and sleeping in on the weekend will automatically make Monday more difficult
  • Be positive: look at thing's more optimistically, sure bad thing's can happen, they might even have a higher probability of good thing's, but even if that's true, without being naive, live in the moment until you have no choice but to be sucked in by the bad
  • Here's a huge one: make someone else happy, bring them a card, flower, donut etc... you would be amazed how this will positivity affect your day and mood
  • Monday projects should be lighter, especially if you tackled some tough projects on Friday instead of saving them for Monday, usually we work our bottoms off early in the week and then start breathing more as the week goes on, turn the tables a little and make Monday a lighter day to lighten your mood (you can work you butt off on Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Have fun at work when you can and when it is safe and doesn't interfere with productivity. Take a minute to say hi to a co-worker on the way to the water cooler or picking up your latest project from the printer, it'll take five minutes or less and somehow lighten the day for both of you.
  • Make after work plans whether it's happy hour with friends, a walk around the park/lake or even a trip to the grocery store for last minute dinner items.