If you've ever searched the internet for something specific and have thrown your hands in the air in frustration, these tips will get you faster and easier results for your online searches. Hang on till the last tip and freak out your friends with this cool trick.

Internet Search Tips iStock


  • Put your search in quotation marks for a faster, on-point result
  • Looking for a definition, type define: and then your word
  • For something that has many different was to say it or phrase it, use the squiggly line ~ in front of your search phrase.
  • Say you're looking for a recipe without gluten or some other ingredient such as peanuts or yeast, type in your search, like bread recipe then add the minus - sign and type yeast, so it would look like this bread recipe -yeast
  • Need to find a product within a certain price range, type in the product followed by the dollar sign and the low end number, three periods, the dollar sign and the high end number. Here's how it would look:  binoculars $50...$200
  • You once heard that adding mentos to ________ would cause ______ but you can't remember the whole thing, use an Astrix * for the blanks or missing words. Example: adding mentos to * would cause*
  • Here's a great one to end your endless hours online... tell Google you need to be off your computer by a certain time, so type set timer for 30 minutes Google will actually start a timer for set time and beep at you when the set time has been reached
  • Stumbling around looking for your calculator, stop... type it in the search bar, such as 30% of 4500
  • And lastly, have a little fun. Type in the search bar, do a barrel roll and watch what happens. 

Have fun and step away from the computer once in awhile. (don't forget about the timer, that's pretty awesome)