Can you imagine a truck crashing through the walls of your house at 10 o'clock at night. That is exactly what happened on Monday (January 28th) at Weld County Road 49 and Weld County Road 60.5, just east of Greeley. The Greeley Fire Department responded to a report of a vehicle that crashed into a house. This is what they saw when they arrived:

Greeley Fire Department

Thankfully, no one was injured inside the house and the driver of the vehicle refused medical treatment.

According to a press release:

The truck severed the natural gas line servicing the house. Fire crews shut off the gas meter which successfully stopped the leak. Fire crews stood by on a fire hose line until the natural gas had dissipated and any fire or explosive hazard was eliminated.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family!

Greeley Fire Department

Banner paramedics, Colorado State Patrol, Atmos Energy, and Greeley Building Inspectors also responded to the incident.