Looks as though a couple new school with neighboring parks will be getting some much needed new playground equipment. Things are looking up around town.

Demolition will actually start this Monday, March 30, for the Sherwood playground which is right next to Scott Elementary at 3000 W. 13th Street. The East Memorial playground, which is right next to Bella Romero on 614 E. 20th Street will also meet a demolition crew.

Both playgrounds have reached the end of their useful life.  We’re replacing both playgrounds with better equipment. The City is collaborating with the neighboring schools to offer playground opportunities that compliment, not duplicate, what is already at each school. Residents are encouraged to use Scott and Bella Romero playgrounds during construction - Sarah Boyd/Parks Planner

In January, it was decided during several open houses that the Sherwood Playground will get new playground equipment geared towards kids between 5-12 years old and the East Memorial playground will have equipment installed for kids in the 2-5 year old range.

Construction will be completed this fall. For more information on this project, and all City parks, just click here.