Being happy can be as easy as just changing your habits. Research shows that unhappy people have like habits, here's to breaking the habits and getting happy.

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  • Chronic Complaining is at the top of the list. It is healthy to vent occasionally, but the chronic complainer finds something wrong in almost everything and always points out the negative side of things. It's okay to be realistic, but there can be a fine line between realism and pessimism.
  • Retail Therapy is a way to get a quick, but short, high. Get out and explore the world, if money is an issue, explore your town. In other words, find a positive thing to do with your time to give you a similar feeling to retail therapy.
  • Binge Drinking is a sure sign of an unhappy life, it is easy to fall prey to the instant gratification, but in the end you will likely end up feeling worse than you originally did.
  • Keeping one foot in the grave at work and in life. Worrying about the future can take its toll on you and your healthy, both mental and physical.
  • A lack of hobbies can lead to a lot of depression. It's important to find things that ignite your senses, that give you joy. Pick the guitar, paint a tree or master the art of origami.
  • Eating poorly should be a given as a common unhappy trend. The more you dine on crummy food the more your mood and body start to feel crummy. Once in awhile its okay to eat a pint of ice cream, a greasy cheeseburger or a whole bag of Doritos, but keep in mind these foods will worsen your overall health.
  • Talking about others in a negative way. Initially you may feel vindicated because they've done you wrong or pooped in your Wheaties, but in the long run it gets messy. You start talking more and more negatively and feel ugly, but can't seem to stop. Look around and try and find the good or just sit silently until the urge to spread yuck passes.
  • Holding grudges! IF you forgive, then forgive fully and move forward. Because someone has done something to you or taken from you doesn't mean everyone will. It doesn't even mean that same person will again. Let it go and breathe deeply, holding that feeling of betrayal will eat up all the happy in you.
  • Disliking your job can consume you to the point of doing everything on this list and more. It is said that we spend some 22% of our year at work, shouldn't you try to like your job a little? And if you really can't get into the job or environment it's time to move on. The time on this planet is guaranteed and being unhappy for a quarter of your life just isn't worth it. If that sounds easier said than done, then try to find one thing at your work that you like and focus on that, unless it's the front office girl/guy, that too may be unhealthy (that last part said with a bit of truth and a bit of humor)

Breaking habits are hard, start slowly for the best results. And smiley so loudly they can hear you across town. Good Luck!