Well that part is finally done. I have been waiting for two months to have my 1/2 inch kidney stone blasted so I can finally get on with life. This has been a major nuisance and I am ready for the healing part to begin. I thank the UCHealth team for once again taking good care of me. I went to the surgery center in Longmont and the whole crew there were just wonderful to me.

Kyla Flaa, TSM

I went in Thursday morning and had my IV put in and awaited the fun to begin. They were using the ESWL method which blasts the stone with sound waves and actually beats the hell out of your kidney to be honest. My stone was very dense and very deep into the kidney, so it was at the end of the reach for the ESWL procedure. I woke up in a lot of pain but we got it beat up although it sure is tender now. I have a stent inside of me from my bladder to kidney for a few days yet and then they will take it out. They put it in to widen the stream so the pieces of the stone they crushed can pass. It kind of feels like I am passing dozens of stones each day and is more than unpleasant. The most intense pain is after you urinate and your kidney empties. It feels like you are being kicked by a Clydesdale every time. I am hoping this goes away soon.

kyla flaa, tsm

Three times a day I need to drink a ton of water and lay with my kidney upside down for a few minutes. This moves the particles that are settling in the bottom of my kidney around so they can pass and not just become litter at the bottom of my kidney. Every time I do this I pass a bunch of debris. I have to pee through a funnel to collect the pieces so they can find out what it is made of. This Thursday I will go back in and have an x-ray to see if it is powered enough or if it needs more crushing, and to have that stent yanked out...OUCH!!! I am not looking forward to that at all.

I am going to be better than ever but it is just going to take a little longer that I thought it would to recover. I will be grounded this 4th of July but will fly like a rocket again soon. Life is good and this will heal..just bear with me for a few days.