Last night around 9:30 - 10 there was quite a show! I believe this was the most lightning that I have ever seen at once in an hour's time.

As usual, we were outside hanging out and talking to our neighbors. That is when we noticed the storm appeared to be moving north and possibly a bit to the west. I decided it was time to grab my camera, tripod and trigger to capture some of the lightning.

The beauty of having a shutter trigger is that you can just let it run and that is exactly what I did! I took well over 300 photos. Many of which have bolts of lighting in them. When you look at the photos individually, you can see the clouds moving by and the storm spinning. This is my first attempt at a time lapse using anything other than my GoPro or Iphone. I suggest you watch it in HD mode as you will see more detail:

This was an amazing thing to witness and I was very happy to capture the storm! Unfortunately during the photo session I discovered that my tripod is now broken. Looks like I will have to purchase another before I head out shooting again.