With the holiday season in full swing, we thought it was high time to celebrate those who serve with skill and a smile-- Northern Colorado bartenders!

Last week, we asked for your submissions for the best bartenders in Northern Colorado and we received an overwhelming amount of responses.  The bartenders from our favorite late-night haunts were included, like Gentry's, Pour Brothers, Bondi Beach Bar, Tony's, The Moxi, and more.  Not only that, but favorites from local grills were included, like Chillers Bar and Grill, Steak-Out Saloon, Old Chicago, and many more.

We're so happy to celebrate those who don't ask for recognition but make us our favorite concoctions, so cast your vote for the following nominees and feel free to enter in a name you don't see here at the bottom.

*Note-- we apologize for any misspellings of names!