It's not unusual for a bear to break into a home in the West. Most of the time they're looking for food. In this case, a video shows a bear trying to express himself musically as he played a piano - sort of.

According to what I've seen, this happened somewhere in Colorado.

In this case, the YouTube comments are just as good as the video.

MOPARGuy - He bearly played!

Chris Halladay - This single, unsettling chord would play during the movie when I discover that bear in my house.

Walter B - The bear fell asleep. As it was sleeping, Goldilocks came home. “Someone’s been playing my piano!” Goldilocks said...

One of the most liked comments on YouTube came from this wise guy.

Charlie MoMo - Bear Touches piano for half a second BEAR PLAYS PIANO

The good news is the homeowners weren't there when this bear visited and the bear appears to have left without incident and went back into the woods to be a bear.

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