We have a long standing tradition in our family that the children have to entertain the adults on Christmas Eve before there are any presents opened. It started when I was a child and my parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles would make my brother and I along with our cousins, create and perform a Christmas show.

I have so many great memories of those programs and is probably part of the reason I do what I do for a living. The Habajeeba Show has it's roots in these Christmas shows from my childhood.

I have my own grandchildren now and the family tradition carries on. This year I had all three of my grandchildren with me for Christmas and Zander, Zayden and Kirzi did their first ever Christmas show as a trio. I love it and look forward to what they come up with next year. Here are my three adorable little performers doing their self written and choreographed program. Enjoy!