I've always been crazy. I am a proud rebel and appreciate those who march to their own beat. Today one of my outlaw heroes would have turned 79 years old. Waylon Jennings was born on this date in 1937 in Littlefield, Texas. Waylon was one of my musical heroes. He had a straight up coolness about him. I remember being a little kid and hearing “Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line”. That song began my lifelong appreciation of Waylon.

Waylon was one of those artists that was cool to everyone. In our school we had the jocks, the cowboys and the rockers and Waylon was one artist that all of the cliques of people liked. You could go to a party and hear everything from Van Halen, Journey, Huey Lewis to Waylon. I had the “Outlaws” 8 track with Willie, Jessi and Tompall in my car at all times.

Complications from diabetes took away this troubadour at the age of 64. He left behind an amazing catalog of music. Thank you Waylon. Thank you for making it okay for a long haired, goofy hat wearing rebel to find a home in country music. If it weren’t for you I would never had been able to be accepted.

I have many favorite Waylon tunes but I thought I would include my theme song. Enjoy some Waylon today and remember the spirit of the outlaw.