Over the weekend while driving, we were approaching highway 34 and heading into Windsor. Coming to a stop at the light we were the victims of an attempted attack by a large insect. This massive grasshopper jumped right onto our windshield demanding all of our grass. Unfortunately for this big fella, we didn't have any for him to take.

Matt Sparx


He angrily looked at us through the cracked windshield with animosity. The light turned green and we started back on our way. The grasshopper held on as long as he possibly could on the slick windshield with his little sticky legs. It wasn't long before we were up to speed and shot his wings out of his back to take off to another unsuspecting victim. I could have wiped him away with the windshield wipers, but I figured I would give him a short ride to his next destination across the highway. Be on the look out for this one... He has a very stern and demanding look on his creepy bug face.