Weight loss struggles cloud my mind and keep me thinking negatively. I have to confess this is a struggle beyond struggles. It's not that the dieting is cramping my style, I really haven't changed a ton of things yet, it's the workouts.

D Dennison Stuck in Negativity D Dennison

I have always done pretty well at eating or not eating, granted I do need to shore up some lingering habits like my admiration of cheese sandwiches and tuna salad, but nonetheless I do fairly well. I haven't really stopped eating too many of the things that I had already been eating. With that said though please know that I typically eat things like 'lite' popcorn for snacks, brown rice and wheat pasta with a lot of protein. My trainer is working on my nutrition plan a little more everyday and I am fine with whatever I can or cannot eat, unless its salmon! (I am not a salmon fan)

It's the workouts that are killing me. I can't seem to breathe properly when jogging and my throat burns. I get all lost in my own head and feel like I am going to collapse and she is only asking me to run two minutes at a time with a brisk walk in between. I jog and I think I can't do this and she tells me that I can and I say, 'I don't think that I can'. She of course only fires back with ' well, you're doing it.'

I can handle the weights, but this lunge stuff, jog stuff, jump up on a bench stuff is for the birds. I hope that you can see me make it through this and that I don't fail you or myself.

Thank you for your continued support, I will continue to try and learn how to tolerate this jogging thing better. Sarah, my trainer at the Fort Collins Club thinks I will enjoy this activity some day and I don't think that she is right, but what a challenge, right?!

Here's to nothing... jog on! Hey, maybe there's a Stay Calm T-shirt out there for me... Stay Calm and Jog On!