There is no group of individuals who deserve our love, respect and gratitude more than our veterans. I give thanks daily for the sacrifice our men and women in uniform have made for us. I try to never miss an opportunity to shake a hand or say thank you when I encounter someone who has served this great nation.

Unfortunately too many men and women who served us in Vietnam never got the welcome home they deserved. They did their duty and went where they were called, to do the job they were called to do, yet so many were not treated like the heroes they are when they returned home. Today we can take a moment to show the gratitude and appreciation that is long overdue.

There will be a Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans ceremony at the Weld Country Veterans Memorial at Bittersweet Park in Greeley at 35th ave and 16th st today at 10 am. This is to honor the veterans and their families who served during that time. Please take some time this morning to stop by and be a part of the ceremony. There is no one who deserves a long overdue "welcome home" than these fine men and women. Thank you for your service, God bless you and welcome home...welcome home.