While the rest of the country was Googling things like 'gay marriage,' 'Obama,' 'Syrian Civil War' and 'Bill Cosby,' Montana was just Googling wolves. You can never be too up-to-date on wolves. Because Montana.

What did Coloradans love to Google more than any other state in 2015? No, it wasn't Gwen and Blake (Wyoming), or the Bachelorette (really, Iowa, who cares?). Kudos to Michigan, who in the last year opened their minds with the top searches for 'What is transgender?' and 'marriage equality.'

Meanwhile, Nebraska just got really excited about Kaley Cuoco.

According to Estately, in Colorado, we kept up with current events, like the war in Syria, water on Mars, mass shootings and the Keystone Pipeline, which is pretty impressive for a state that usually only talks about weed. Nice work, everyone!

You can see the full list (wow, embarrassing, Nevada) from Estately here.

Meanwhile in Montana...

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