The answer to the question is pretty much a rolling engine with seats.  But, not just any engine and the owner of the Fiat 500 just can't stop. But how do you get a Lamborghini engine in a Fiat?

Stock Fiat 500 (Joel Raedle, Getty Images)

It's a tiny little Fiat?  How big a motor can you even get in one of these things?

Well, the owner was not satisfied with the stock motor so he put a 3.2 liter Porsche six. That wasn't enough either so he yanked the 3.2 and replaced it with a Ferrari V-8 motor. But hey, like a guy, it's never good enough when it comes to motors so the Fiat 500 is now the home of a 6.2 liter Lamborghini Murcielago V-12 engine pulling 580HP.