The #2 movie at the box-office over the weekend was “The Adjustment Bureau” starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I had the opportunity to see it at the Metrolux 14, and I really think you should see it as well!

Developed from a short story, the premise of the film kind of runs along the lines of “what if you had made a left instead of a right?”

The Adjustment Bureau is the group of “people” who make sure things progress according to plan—the plan developed by “The Chairman”.

For example, Matt Damon’s character David was supposed to miss his bus and arrive late to work. However, one of the “Adjusters” drops the ball and David does make the bus. Then he meets a woman on the bus. He does makes it work on time- all of that completely messes up “the plan”.

All because his Adjuster didn’t make him spill his coffee!

David and Emily’s character- Elise hit it off great– but the two of them being together is not part of ’the plan”.  So here comes The Adjustment Bureau (lead by the great John Slattery from AMC’s “Mad Men”) to keep them apart...

...and David and Elise fighting to be together.

Fate or Free Will? That is the question…

The movie has many facets: It’s part romance, part Sci-Fi fantasy, part thriller-- and there are some great doses of comedy in it as well!

It's a really fun movie.

So just think- what if you DON”T see this movie?  Will that have been part of the plan-OR are you fighting your own fate?

I say- Go See it!!