There are times in life when the moon and stars are in perfect alignment and everything seems, well, right. The Farm had that moment in 2010 when 3 individuals got together in Tennessee with a fiddle and in the blink of an eye, they all knew they were onto something.

Sometimes magic just happens and perhaps we are seeing some of that magic before our very ears. These three different backgrounds prove that harmony is in the soul. As former members of John Rich's "MusikMafia," the three couldn't have come from more diverse backgrounds.

  • Nick Hoffman - Vocals/Fiddle - Country Traditionalist/Fiddle for Kenny Chesney
  • Damien Horne - Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar - Alternative-Rock/Blues
  • Krista Marie - Vocals/Guitar - Solo Vocalist with a background in Opera and Standards


It was their manager, Marc Oswald, who suggested the three sit down with Danny Myrick by a serene pool at a Tennessee home to see what came of it.  It was Nick who started the session right off the bat with the riff from their debut single "Home Sweet Home" and they literally knew within minutes that magic was in the air.  The debut single landed at #19 on the charts.

So, now it's time for the follow up single from their self entitled CD called "Be Grateful."  Let us know what you think and we'll keep an ear on The Farm.

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