For as long as Brian & Todd can remember, every Friday morning at 7:35 AM, Todd has been clucking like a chicken for K99 listeners. Over the years Todd has become quite the expert, but now it's your turn to do the clucking! That's right, we're giving you a shot at showing off in front of the K99 audience.

Here's how it works; pick any song that K99 is currently playing and choose one verse or chorus of it to cluck. Your submissions should be around 30 seconds in length. If you need some ideas, just take a look at our current playlist for the most popular songs. Once you've chosen a song, record yourself and submit your clucking via a YouTube video or audio file using the form below. Then listen in on Fridays at 7:35 AM to see if we use your submission!

In case you need a little more inspiration, here's an example from Todd you can listen to...

We'd also like to extend a big thank you to Jim's Wings for sponsoring this feature over the years.