It's hard to follow the rules when you get sick, but this (and a few other thing's) don't, is especially important for your overall health and well-being.

Piotr Marcinski Don't Do This When You're Sick


  • Don't push through it, the harder you fight back the harder it can possibly attack
  • Don't go to work, germs can spread by direct contact, like doorknobs, phones etc and some viruses can live for hours possibly infecting the whole office
  • If you have a stomach bug, don't drink fruit juices or coffee (not that you'll really feel like the latter, I just had the bug and I still haven't had coffee) The acidity in these drinks will cause mayhem in your tummy.
  • Don't run to the doctor for antibiotics, they are over prescribed and ill effective against viral infections.
  • Spend hours online reading about your symptoms, you need to sleep so that your body can heal.