Chances are that there are more than one or two items that you have in your fridge right now that should never be refrigerated.

Some Thing's Should Never be in the Refrigerator D Dennison



  • Onions: The fridge will suck the moisture right out of them and cause them to go bad faster than if you stored them in a cool dark place, but not next to the potatoes, they then will both hit the trash faster if stored together
  • Coffee: Unless you want your morning coffee to taste like last weekends grilled brats, don't put it in the fridge. Coffee will take on the flavors of the fridge
  • Olive Oil: (first why would you) Apparently it will harden like butter and just be yucky
  • Basil: Yep, just like coffee, it likes hanging out with your other fridge items and will take on their odors like a chameleon. Basil is best kept on the counter in a glass of water as you would fresh cut flowers
  • Honey, while your up will you get me some ... ha, just kidding. Honey, though is another item that shouldn't be put in the fridge, it is an item that will last FOREVER if properly sealed.
  • Bread: This is news to me, I typically keep it in the fridge during the summer months because I feel the hot days invite mold faster, but 'they' say the fridge actually will dry out your bread, unless you plan on using the loaf in the week (in which the fridge is fine), leave it on the counter or freeze it
  • Keep garlic cloves in a cool dry place, the fridge will encourage it to get rubbery and it will sprout faster
  • Avocados: This are picky critters, if you need to ripen them up, leave them on the counter, if they are ripe and you plan on using them soon they can go in the fridge.
  • Like sweet and gritty potatoes? Then put them in the fridge, otherwise but them in a paper bag in a dark place
  • Tomatoes: In the fridge they loose their flavor and their texture changes-who know?!

I guess I know what I'm doing tonight... there are definitely a few of these things in my fridge right now, including an over ripe avocado. Hope this helps, have a great day.