I am so excited to be heading to Vegas today. This weekend is the big ACM Awards show in Las Vegas and the Good Morning Guys will be there is full force. Todd, Susan and I along with our spouses are heading to Sin City for all the festivities. We were nominated for the 6th time this year and it is such an honor to be recognized as one of the best in your field. We are so blessed to get to do this job each day and share our lives with you. We are thankful for you being with us and making this all possible.

We have attended the show several times in the past and have been known to cause a bit of stir in the audience with our snacks. It gets to be long evening with no food so we sneak in jerky, licorice, trail mix and all sorts of goodies. You should see the look on the stars and industry people's faces when we offer them a Slim Jim during commercial breaks. It is like offering water to a man in the desert. They are so grateful. There are a few who look at us like we are nuts but we are used to that. I am waiting for the day when security comes and ushers us out. Could this be the year?

The three of us will try to be on our best behavior but that doesn't always happen. Vegas is known to attract trouble and we tend to be magnets. My question is...if one of us were to get tossed out of the place, who would it most likely be? Would Todd's "medical condition" as he calls it, get us tossed. Will Susan cry too hard or tell too many horse stories while people are trying to perform? Will I get in a fight over the last piece of jerky? These are all things that could happen. Which one of us would be the likeliest candidate to be tossed? Vote here please and watch for us Sunday night.