It looks like my career as a Victoria’s Secret model is over before it begins. I was going to toss on a thong and some angel wings and hit the runway tonight for the fashion show but I am not willing to go do the diet plan they do before the show. Before I perform I usually like to eat a bacon sandwich so I don’t get fatigued during my exhausting runway session but these ladies don’t even eat a bacon bit before the show.

I would also feel very out of place with my $8 pair of Fruit of the Loom while Miranda Kerr is modeling a $2.5 million dollar bra.

The show airs tonight at 9 on KCNC channel 4.

Veteran Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima revealed to the Telegraph newspaper just how the models do it.

Lima has been working out every day with a personal trainer since August. For the last three weeks, she's been working out twice a day. Lima drinks a gallon of water a day. For nine days before the show she will drink only protein shakes - "no solids". The concoctions include powdered egg. Two days before the show she will abstain from the gallon of water a day, and "just drink normally". Then, 12 hours before the show she will stop drinking entirely.