I am not Catholic but I do know a little bit about Catholicism. One of my original understandings about the church was that it was the ultimate honor to be in the position of having the opportunity to kiss the Pope's ring.  So why did Roman Catholic VP Joe Biden decline? 

When I first saw the story this morning I did think it was odd that an American dignitary wouldn't show that kind of respect but as soon as I read the story I was even more surprised.

I learned today that our Vice President is Roman Catholic.  He's Catholic.  So why would he not kiss the ring of Pope Francis?  Isn't that odd?  Even if you weren't Catholic, I would assume it would be proper etiquette for a U.S. dignitary. It was earlier this week on Thursday that he explained why.

When he was a young politician he had the chance to meet the Queen.  His mother's advice was to not kiss her ring.  The family taught their children it was a sign of lowering oneself and she had always taught her son to never do that and to never think that anyone was "better" than he was.

Hey, I get that lesson. I have taught that to my own children but when the dignitary is Roman Catholic, wouldn't you want to?  Wouldn't it be an honor to show the respect a Pope deserves; especially if your Catholic.  Pope Francis, and every other Pope, have proved they are no "better" than anyone else by washing and kissing the feet of the poor on the street.

Good Lord, how can you be more humble than that? Again, who cares who you or I voted for because to me this just seems like a display of ignorance and egotism at it's best.  When Vice President Biden's Father, a strong Irish immigrant, told him as a child it was about "dignity" I don't think that meant snubbing the Pope.