No, I didn't wreck my truck again!  I am driving a new Nissan Pathfinder for a few weeks and talking about my experience on the radio.  I have to say, I am impressed. Here is the problem:  I am not going to want to give it back when my time is up. I love this car!

I really shouldn't call it a car though. It's an SUV. It looks like a car. It drives like a car, but it is a 4-wheel-drive Sport Utility Vehicle.  I haven't taken it 4-wheelin' yet, but I want to. There are so many things I like about the Pathfinder. Here are just a few examples:

  • It drives and handles like a dream!
  • I love the in-dash GPS.  Finally I don't mind someone telling me where to go!
  • It has a back up camera that keeps me from backing into stuff.
  • The seats warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  On these hot sweaty days, this is priceless.
  • It looks relatively small for an SUV, but there is so much space inside.
  • Love the push button start.
  • Took Highway 34 to Estes Park and was blown away by how it does in the mountains and how it handles in the curves.
  • The hatchback that opens with the simple press of a button on the key fob
  • There is so much room in the back. I took the Pathfinder grocery shopping and for the 1st time ever didn't have to pile grocery bags on top of each other.
  • I like that I can have my own setting for the seat and the mirror and the Pathfinder remembers my settings.