What do Scott Tolzien, Case Keenum, Tyrod Taylor, Dan Orlovsky, Jeff Tuel and Ryan Nassib have in common? They are some of the backup quarterbacks in the NFL. They are all just one freak play or injury away from being the guys expected to lead their teams to victory in the NFL. Winning is what the NFL is all about.

If winning really is what it is all about in football you would want a winner in the QB position. How can any of these teams tell me that the backup QB they have on their roster gives them a better chance to win than Tim Tebow? I just don't understand how this man has not gotten to play another game at quarterback in the league. He won the division with the Broncos and played awesome in the playoffs against Pittsburgh and then was defeated by New England and never got another snap in a game. I still don't get it. There are even some teams, St. Louis and Oakland to name a couple, who could use him as a starter. I doubt it will ever happen but I sure wish someone would give this guy another shot.