Officials with the city of Denver cleared out a homeless camp Tuesday morning, leaving the Northern Colorado community to wonder, will this happen up north next?

According to Denver7, Denver officials say the homeless site had become a public health concern. But protesters of the sweep are questioning whether it's ethical to move a homeless person's items and tell them to get off public property.

"We have no other place to go. Homeless is homeless. How would you feel if someone came to your home and said you can't live there anymore?" one woman told Denver7 after the site was cleared out.

The city says that during the clearing out of homeless sites, people will receive a verbal warning to leave first. Not following the warning would result in a written citation, and the ultimate possibility would be arrest.

So could this happen in Northern Colorado? It kind of already has.

Fort Collins has a ban on urban camping, for which the Northern Colorado homeless community came together late last summer to protest. So will Denver's clearing of a homeless site ignite further action from Fort Collins and other cities toward clearing homeless sites in Northern Colorado?

Only time will tell.