I remember hearing of a scam years ago about sending in money for a coat hanger of some sort. You sent in $10 and waited for the mail. What buyers got, was a nail. This isn't the old 'nail coat hanger' scam, this is the Apple scam.

Recently, an Australian woman placed an ad on a website called Gumtree looking for a Apple IPhone.  It wasn't long before a woman responded that she had two of them for sale. The 21 year old victim agreed to buy both for $1200 and they agreed to meet in a McDonald's parking lot.

The seller presented what looked like two brand new Apple iPhone boxes, the buyer forked over $1200 clams and the parties left.  She never even looked inside the boxes until she got home and inside were two apples. The kind you eat!  Almost makes me sick to MY stomach.

First of all, $600 for one iPhone?  Really?  Is it that important for survival?  Second, I detest someone who preys on other people like this.  Brilliant scam?  Sure. But there is no honor in pulling off any kind of a scam and someone who could actually live with themselves after doing this despises me.  Lastly, ARE YOU THAT STUPID?  Who in their right mind would hand over $1200 in cash and not open the boxes?

Hey, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona...