If you've ever tried to self diagnose your symptoms by looking them up on the web, you know that you may not like the answers.

You May Not Like What Ails You Getty Images

It all began with an inner ear itch, not in one, but both ears. Curiosity said "hey, what's that, why do your inner ears itch?" You know what happened next, the search bar just sat there staring back at this curious cat. It didn't take long for the fingers to start typing 'itchy inner ear'


  • Ear Wax: yep too much wax can cause some itching, try a drop of olive oil to help
  • Allergies: not a problem here, so far this writer is free of any issues or reasons for an itchy inner ear
  • Fungal Infections: what? Phew, mostly affects swimmers
  • Skin Conditions: Hmmm, now everyone has skin, right... oh, psoriasis mostly can cause inner ear itching... okay, not me
  • Bugs: WHAT!!!!!!! here's what it says, sometimes bugs can crawl into your ears at night... WHAT!!!!! that will lead to itching and irritation-you think? And I'd like to add... insanity, perhaps! :(
  • Swimming: back to the swimming thing... see above
  • Cotton ear cleaners: hmmm again, okay, this could be me, nope, if you are constantly battling ear wax and debris, not here!
  • Hot and Humid Climate: guess that rules us all out, in Colorado anyway
  • Other Causes: (just in case you couldn't fit into one of the other molds) hair dye, hairspray, shower gel etc If these products get into your ear it can cause irritation. Really!!??!?

You know where that leaves this writer, right? Yep.... bugs, bugs in my ears... hello insomnia for the next few days till the image has faded from my memory.

The Moral of the Story, leave the diagnosis to the doctors not the internet and if your inner ears ever itch, don't think about it!