The Larimer County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of very high fire danger right now.

Larimer County is experiencing higher temperatures and lower humidity than normal with no significant changes in the immediate weather forecast.

No bans or restrictions are being imposed at this time, but conditions are continued to be closely monitored.

Hopefully no fires will ensue, but it's always good to prepare for the worst. Below are 10 easy ways you can protect your home from a fire this week.

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    Clean your roof and gutters of leaves and needles.

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    Trim all tree branches overhanging your house.

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    Clear dense flammable vegetation from around your home and underneath decks and balconies.

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    Relocate woodpiles at least 30 feet from structures.

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    Check your home's fire extinguishers.

    Are they charged and accessible? Does everyone know where they are kept and how to use them?

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    Review your homeowner's insurance policy for adequate coverage.

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    Talk to children about fire and matches.

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    Host a neighborhood meeting to talk about mitigation and fire safety.

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    Relocate propane tanks at least 30 feet from structures, preferably on the same contour.

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    Discuss and plan an escape route and have practice drills with family and pets.