From curing smelly feet by wiping them with vodka to treating blisters with mouthwash, here are 10 quirky health tips to help in life!Everyone needs some help sometimes!  Those aching feet, that high blood pressure, that annoying headache!  Here are 10 weird health tricks from the good people at the Mirror.

1.  Eating a burger helps jet lag

Chomping down a burger and chips during a flight doesn't exactly seem like the most healthy option while sitting in the same position for several hours.

But air passengers finally have an excuse to scoff themselves silly - because a carb-heavy fry-up could help conquer jet lag.

Scientists revealed that foods which kick-start a big release of insulin, such as carbohydrates, could be crucial to resetting our body clock when we get out of sync with our natural cycle.

2.  Get rid of smelly feet with vodka

What's that smell?  Gross.

One remedy that gets rid of the stench without running water is to wipe them down with a vodka-soaked washcloth.

Vodka contains alcohol, which is antiseptic and drying, so it destroys odor-causing fungus and bacteria and dries out the moisture that lets these organisms grow.

3.  Pencil headache cure

I know what your thinking, a pencil, right.

As headache cures go, this is more unusual, but it does have a real medical basis.

Place a pencil between your teeth, but don't bite.

The explanation is that when you are stressed you instinctively clench your jaw and teeth.

This strains the muscle that connects your jaw to your temples and can trigger a tension headache. By putting the pencil in place, you automatically relax your jaw muscle and prevent pain.  Just try it.

4.  Music for high blood pressure

Isn't music necessary for life?  Thirty minutes of the right tunes every day can help lower blood pressure, according to a team of Italian researchers.

They found that people on a medication for hypertension further lowered their blood pressure after they listened to music while breathing slowly.

Systolic readings decreased an average of 3.2 points in a week; a month later, readings were down 4.4 points.  Proof!  Music is good for you!

5.  Mouthwash for blisters

Those suckers hurt!  This is definitely worth a try.

A strong mouthwash like Listerine, which is also happens to be a powerful antiseptic can work on blisters.

By dabbing mouthwash on a blister three times a day, it will dry out and eventually stop hurting.

6.  Olives or lemons for seasickness

If you are fond of the water, but get sick quickly, this may help.

Motion sickness causes you to produce excess saliva, which can make you nauseated, some doctors say.

Compounds in olives called tannins dry out your mouth and can help soothe the queasy sensation.

If you happen to have a few olives to hand, it is always worth eating a few at the first sign of nausea. Sucking on a lemon can also do the trick, and these may be more readily available.

7.  Dry sugar for hiccups

There are a ton of old wives tales with cures for hiccups.  This one usually works.

A teaspoon of sugar swallowed dry can stop hiccups in minutes.

The sugar is believed to modify the nerve muscles that would otherwise tell the muscles in the diaphragm to contract spasmodically and contribute to hiccups.

8.  Peppermint chewing gum for road rage

In a NASA-funded study, scientists from Wheeling Jesuit University monitored the responses of 25 students during simulated driving scenarios.

The volunteers reported that peppermint lowered their feelings of fatigue or anxiety by 20%.

Peppermint and cinnamon each decreased frustration by 25%, increased alertness by 30%, and made the ride seem 30% shorter.

If you don't like chewing gum, buying peppermint or cinnamon scented mobiles for the car might work.

9.  Tennis ball for achy feet

For an easy, free mini massage that stretches and soothes the arches of your feet, slip off your shoes and roll each foot over a tennis ball, golf ball, or soup can for a minute or two.

To cool throbbing feet, roll them over a bottle of frozen water.

10.  Vegetable oil for fragile fingernails

Did you know that the main cause of fragile fingernails is a lack of moisture?

As well as using hand lotion regularly, dermatologists also recommend using vegetable oil on your fingernails before going to bed.

If you are feeling really committed apply vegetable oil to your hands, then put on vinyl gloves or wrap your hands in plastic wrap to keep the oil off your bedding.

The hand coverings force the oil to penetrate your skin, preventing your hands and nails from getting too dry.

Well, there you go!  Do you have any to add to the list?