I think it’s time to start paying a little more attention to what is going on around us. I was just reading that serious injuries to people listening to headphones have more than tripled in the last six years.

People are walking around with their phones and iPods cranked up and not paying attention. Trains, rescue vehicles, cars and trucks sounding horns that people can’t hear because they are lost in their own devices. How often have you looked around a room and seen every head look like they were bowed in prayer yet were checking out their mobile devices?

This may be bad for my occupation since I work for a media company, but I encourage everyone to take their eyes and ears off the computer screen and tune them in to all the wonders of the real world. Instead of looking pictures of the world on a screen, why not get outside and see it for real? Colorado has so many wonderful sights that others from around the globe hope to catch glimpses of and we live in it. Does the world really need you to tweet, post or blog that you are at Village Inn? I think not. We spend so much time watching the world live their lives that sometimes we forget to live ours. Be a participant in life not a voyeur.

There is a big wonderful high definition world out there that looks much better when it’s not on a 4 inch screen. Open your eyes and ears to sounds and sights of nature. You will love it.

Remember the sunrise earlier this month?