This is installment #3 of my wife's crafting blog.  She is a very talented girl.  She also has a great sense of humor. Thus the title. Please enjoy My Crafty Wife's "My Crafty Life".


There are an infinite number of needle sizes in crochet and knitting needles. Why do you ask? Well...size really does matter. The bigger the yarn, the bigger the hook/needle. And the smaller the yarn, the smaller the hook/needle. There are crochet hooks so small you can barely tell there is a hook on the end. That really tiny steel crochet hook used to be Grandma's.

You have to pick the right size needle for the yarn you have chosen. Then you have to do this really yucky thing called "checking your gauge" to ensure what you make comes out to the right size. Otherwise the sweater you make for Dad will be WAY too big, or WAY too small. Trust me I know!

Here is some very wise advise...WHERE you put your crochet or knitting project when you are not working on it is super important. Ha, you thought I wasn't going to tell a story this time. When you are crocheting a doily with one of those really pointy steel crochet hooks, and you have stopped for the night, DO NOT put the hook sticking up in the ball of thread on the floor in front of the couch behind the coffee table. Because when your Dad steps over to sit on the couch he will step right on the crochet hook....yes, this really happened. The doctors called from the ER to ask me to look at other hooks to determine which way the hook pointed before yanking it back out of his foot. How many times can you say "I'm sorry"? Let me tell you, not enough for that one. I didn't get the hook back either!

Below are two scarves in progress. On the left is a scarf using super bulky yarn and size 15 needles. On the right is a scarf with finer yarn and size 6 needles.

Happy Crafting!