Colorado Governor Jared Polis gave a press conference Thursday afternoon and announced a new executive order taking place this week: businesses are now allowed to refuse service to those not wearing a mask in their establishment.

"No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service," Polis said, reiterating the importance of mask-wearing in Colorado to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Polis elaborated on the new rule, saying:

These businesses, the people who work there, the other patrons, should have a right to be protected from those who refuse to take the common sense step of wearing a mask.

While businesses had a lot of leeway in who they could refuse service to previously, this new order formalizes the case of mask wearing.

1,254 Coloradans have died due to COVID-19, and over 27,000 positive cases have been reported in our state to date. While there has been a downward trend in cases over the past week, Polis said, "Our masks are the passport to the Colorado we love."

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