When the kids were small this kind of meal was a must. Now it's just easy and quick and creates fewer dishes.


My recipe today is a bit different and I want you to open your mind and enjoy the tastiness with less calories.


A head of cauliflower (ran through the food processor), beef base, 1 cup matchstick carrots or diced carrots, two celery ribs (chopped small), 1 lb of hamburger and canola oil for cooking


Brown the hamburger, without draining add the carrots and celery let cook another 3 minutes then scatter the meat and veggie mixture to the edges of the skillet making a whole in the middle add a little oil and the cauliflower, cook about 3 more minutes and then mix everything together and add about a Tbs of beef base and 1/3 cup of water, stir together and let cook for 5 minutes-stir every so often. Taste it and if it could be beefier add a little more beef base, but you should be good. Maybe add some pepper, but otherwise your dish is done.

I've made this dish a lot with Rice-a-Roni, but was looking for a way to cut the calories and starch. I hope that you enjoy it.