Uber Driver's Worst Nightmare Happens In Denver
Two people have been charged in taking a free ride from and robbing a Denver Uber driver.
Wenston Williams, 50, and Kimberly Kovinchick, 32, got a ride from a 55-year-old Uber driver on New Year's Eve in Denver. After the driver took them to the wrong location, the pair robbed him at knifepoint.…
Mom Leaves Child In Car To Shoplift At Walmart
A shoplifting mom is facing several new charges after police discovered what was in her car.
After Jennifer Young was caught stealing groceries from the store, police checked her running car and found not only heroin residue and used needles, but her 6-year-old daughter sitting inside...
Man Assaults Brother For Not Sharing Big Mac
A Pennsylvania man is facing assault charges after allegedly punching his brother for eating 3 Big Macs and not saving one for him.
Thomas Veres, 47, was so angry he ransacked the home he and his brother Matthew, 58, shared in Union Township, Pennsylvania, throwing food and knocking over furniture, p…