Warner Brothers Entertainment announced today (7/24/12) that they will be making a donation to the fund to help out the victims of the Century 16  Movie Theater shootings in Aurora Colorado on July 20th.

Find out how much, and how YOU can help too- inside!


$2 million dollars has already been raised to help the victims of the Aurora shootings on July 20th.  The GivingFirst.org fund ALSO received a donation from the producers of the movie that the victims went to see that night.  'The Dark Knight Rises' producers Warner Brothers Entertainment contributed and ADDITIONAL $2 million to the fund today.

From Channel 7:

Alongside Warner Brothers, donations came from numerous individuals, families, corporations and foundations. Many chose to remain anonymous. Donations can be made by visiting www.GivingFirst.org. For more information contact Karla Maraccinni at 313-866-3700

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