This is my wife's 2nd blog. She is a very crafty person. No matter where we go, she takes a project with her.  Last weekend we went to a friend's house for the Daytona 500.  Of course, she brought something with her to work on. I will let Jenny explain it to you:

My Crafty Life

A question one might ask is "Why in the world would you bring a project with you to a NASCAR party?" It's a reasonable question!

Here is my long answer:

I grew up in the day and age when you had to entertain yourself. Computers hadn't been invented yet, so there no such thing as a hand-held electronic device to keep a kid busy. I was essentially an only child until my brother came along when I was almost 8 years old. We spent a good portion of our childhood in a bowling alley! Yup, that is what I said...a bowling alley. Dad was on the PBA tour in New York, and he bowled four nights a week to stay competitive for tournaments. Most of the time we all went, and since we were the only children in the entire bowling alley NOT allowed to run around and drive everyone crazy, we had to sit at the table and keep busy. (I have a vague memory of seeing Dad bowl with Dick Weber, but that is another story)

So back to the question, "why the project"? My answer: years of conditioning! Mom didn't ask if I had to go to the bathroom before we left the house. Mom always asked "do you have something to do" before we left for anywhere. To this day I don't go anywhere without something to do, just ask my husband! And after all these years the NASCAR gang would be disappointed if I didn't bring a project with me to work on.

Current Project

My current project is the Bernat Mystery Crochet-A-Long (CAL) and Knit-A-Long (KAL). It's not too late to join in. We are currently working on clues from week #2, my crocheting is done, but I am behind on the knitting clues. So even though the Daytona 500 was rain-delayed, we all watched a movie, and I still worked on my squares.

Happy Crafting!