I started Journey 4 Justice back on 11 June 2011 and have made over a dozen trips to Topeka Kansas to do what we do. None have been better than this one.

Although the Bob Hosier Memorial Birthday Ride was the best trip for me while representing Journey 4 Justice, the trip home was the worst trip since I have been riding a motorcycle, and that has been more than a few years let's just say. We all met in Greeley and as a secret surprise, I started the ride by taking the group to Bob's grave site so we could stand in a circle, hands held tight, to say a prayer before starting our trip..with Bob in hand.

Photo courtesy of Steve Bourassa

The trip out was most uneventful for the most part with the highlight of the day coming at our breakfast stop in Wray. As soon as we arrive to older ladies were leaving and commenting on all the motorcycles. While I was walking past I heard her say she was 84 and had never been on a motorcycle so I stopped and asked her if she wanted to go for a ride to which she immediately, without even thinking about it, said yes. Bill Richards who was also in our group invited her friend along and off we went on a 3 minute tour of Wray. 3 minutes out of my day was the least I could do and to see her smile and know that she had crossed an item of her bucket list was priceless for me.

The rest of the trip out was great with a few minor breakdowns, one bike out of gas and then there was 'Buttercup' (Mark Neuerburg) who left his lights on somewhere in Kansas, killed his battery, and we had to get him jumped and going since we couldn't push start it since we're all too old for that kind of nonsense on a big ole bagger.

Charley Barnes and Journey 4 Justice running off members of the Westboro Baptist Church on Saturday April 25, 2014 - Photo courtesy of Chastity Finley.

Our big day in Topeka was Saturday and it was awesome! We did our standard flag patrols at Gage Park then while waving our flags at their law firm, we got a call from Missouri 5 member Geno-O Overhoff that the cult lunatics were at Gage Park and he was calling in the troops. We burned out within minutes but on the way over, we intercepted another bunch of the spineless wimps protesting a church that was having a bake sale with kids holding the bake sale signs while the pig vomit stood with their foul signs directly across from them...until we got there. We quickly dismounted and went into battle within seconds snarling up traffic to the cheers of many; it only took about 120 seconds to run them off THEIR OWN street corner with their tails tucked between their legs.

What a bunch of gutless cowards!

By the time we got back to Gage Park, Geno-O and his wife Olga, by themselves, ran off a group of them on our corner at Gage Park.  Another win..two, within 5 minutes of each other.

Journey 4 Justice, 26 April 2014 - Photo courtesy of Chastity Finley

From there it was off to the compound to raise "holy hell" which we did, of course. We even set a record with 5 of Topeka's finest rolling up in their squad cars with 7 cops in tow. Really? Talk about a waste of tax-payer dollars. One patrol car would have been sufficient to deal with our group of motorcycle riding hellions.

Saturday night was awesome as usual as the love of my life, Lesli, cooked up dinner for our Motley Crue of about 50 at hour hotel.  Personally, and I think I speak for many, our annual Saturday night dinner is probably the funnest part of the whole trip. Can't wait for the National Rally in September already...

The trip home was intensely bad...bad! I have ridden for over 2 decades and have never had a worse trip where weather is concerned. We rode through 4 seasons yesterday and at least 9 warnings from the National Weather service including a tornado warning, two severe thunderstorm warnings and at least 7 severe dust storm warnings. It was intense to say the least.

But as always, we kicked Mother Nature right in the teeth and persevered. We did exactly what we set out to do to honor Bob Hosier on his birthday and I think we exceeded our expectations. Rest in Peace my friend and from all of us, you will never be forgotten.!

Author's Note: A HUGE thanks to Erik Jon Barrett from the J4J - Ohio 1 team for putting together the video. There are literally hundreds of pictures (and video) of this trip from many people. It would be impossible for me to compile them all. If you want to see more, please visit our Journey 4 Justice Facebook Page.